Declares Diana a positive role model

Reform S.C. DOT

Defends Mother Teresa from `diatribe'

Opposes `fast-tracking' trade agreement

End health czar job

Vote `yes' on SAFE

Criticizes `promiscuous' Princess Di

Wants `entry to Garden City' cleaned

Calls timber industry `welfare recipient'

Is Army Corps blind?

Offers thanks for cemetery cleanup

Burglar cleans up after crime

Vonnegut advocates human company

College night

Committee to force chairman to resign

Local and area briefs

Local and area briefs

Fall foliage expected to be lush

Covering issues

McIntyre promotes harmony

Keeping cozy

Old Glory for Susan

Senator pushes proposal

PSC to allow Georgians to choose gas supplier

Atlanta's guidance sought in smoking ban

Plea bargain, jury experiment require retrial, lawyers say

Companies embrace Norwood's reform bill

System has until 2001 to reach goal

Siemens pitches for Mox

`Sizable' haul stolen from J.B. White

Buckland sale should bring new owners

Taxpayer money far outweighs cost of state committee

Augustans are still on vacation

Apologetic Martin leaves Ryder Cup

Phillies stop Braves 5-1

Maddux's father enters court plea

Griffey makes his pitch for Maris' record

Vegas NASCAR race a quick sellout

Youngsters help Braves maul Phils

Golf takes a shot in Europe

Slaney gives ultimatum to U.S. track

One-for-six could happen so easily

To the net

Five cities vie to play host for women's event

Ryder Cup runneth over with pressure

Surprise witness says garter-clad Albert bit her


Ryder Cup advice: Don't underestimate Europe

Aggressive Jaguars blank Pacers

Braves notes

Telling experiences

Three rule means zero, experts say

Eat for life

ER goes on air without a net

Study finds childrens' fate written in parents' weight

Health and fitness calendar


New drug found effective against flu if given early

Coupon organizing habits lead to bigger savings

Doctor stitches songs together

Molding the perfect piece

Putting out the fire

With apples, it's a baker's choice

Travelers buys Salomon for more than $9 billion

ValuJet takes off with new logo, same fares

Consumer group seeks freeze in cable TV rates

Agents fight to retain flight fees

Hi-tech sector is Israel's silver lining

BellSouth to buy back $1 billion in stock

First annual forum held

Delta stock drops after projecting lower earnings

Regency Mall owners changing focus

Palmetto regions will merge

Cloned sheep could soon become a mother

Astronaut looking forward to Mir, despite problems

Draining Lake Powell: An idea that's all wet?

Theory of how moon created gets a boost

Doctors caution diet alternatives may also have risks

NASA chief mulls over astronaut's trip to Mir

Study: Age gap between spouses influences firstborn's sex

Owl rescued in Georgia gets prosthetic eye from Auburn surgeons

Jury recommends death for man despite online appeal, support

Thieves stealing Macintosh computers at UGA


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