Originally created 09/17/97

Stays home because of severe allergies

The Sept. 9 PTA meeting at my child's school was the first one of the year. It would give me great pleasure to be able to attend these meetings, go to school functions, and attend church. However, I cannot do any of these things because of my medical condition ... I have allergic asthma. I stay home because my allergies and the asthma attacks they trigger. Why do I have to stay home and not have the pleasure of seeing my daughter perform and get awards?

I have to because all too many people think that they don't have enough cologne, perfume or aftershave on unless you can smell it six feet away. I do not have the power to control other people, only myself -- so I stay home and miss some of the most important triumphs of my child's life.

Can anyone tell me why it is necessary to wear so much scent that it is overpowering to everyone else with whom you come in contact? If you can smell your own scent, you have too much on!

Medical personnel are some of the worst offenders. Walking through the hallway at the hospital can be like running the gauntlet to someone like me. At work, they can tell people not to smoke but they cannot tell them they are wearing too much cologne because it is a matter of perception. ...

The golden rule applies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I challenge people everywhere to stop and think about how their inconsiderate actions affect others around.

Mary Ann Olver, Augusta

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