Originally created 09/16/97

Lauds Silver Bluff coach coverage

I would like to thank Staff Writer Chasiti Kirkland for her stories on Silver Bluff High School Coach Hoover Johnson (who resigned after passing an improper note to student Zandria Toporoff).

I've learned it takes somebody with great strength to take on any school in Aiken County. The School Board has complained that parents need to take a stronger role in today's youth education, but that's not what it really wants. That's just a public statement in order to look good before the public.

As a parent, I have met with constant resistance whenever I question anything that is decided for my children. The School Board is so misinformed and out-of-touch from the day-to-day operation of our schools that our youths are suffering. (Just look at the Scholastic Assessment Test scores.)

I moved my family here to start my own American dream. You know -- house, kids, dogs, mortgages and college funds. But little did I realize that, in the middle of this perfect American town, was a school system that needs a total house cleaning.

So thank you for Ms. Kirkland and a (South Carolina) Chronicle staff that's not afraid of the Aiken County School Board.

Joe Nirenberg, Beech Island

(Editor's note: The writer is Ms. Toporoff's guardian.)


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