Originally created 09/16/97

More Aiken openness

Aiken County Area 5 Superintendent Andrew Reeves has egg on his face following the resignation of a Silver Bluff High School coach.

Aiken County Superintendent Dr. Linda Eldridge concedes school officials "moved into a full investigation" only after this newspaper reported the coach had passed a suggestive note to a student. (See today's letter to the editor by the girl's guardian.)

Eldridge said she never got a chance to deal with the situation because no one promptly informed her of the incident. (Where was Reeves?)

While not everything can be released during a pending investigation, parents and taxpayers have a right to know about the basics of such shameful incidents in a timely fashion. We're glad Eldridge believes better training needs to be given to administrators and teachers on how to work with the media in this regard.


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