Originally created 09/06/97

Schools still waiting for SAT figures

Tom Petty once wailed about it. Ray Davies got exasperated with it. Buddy Holly added two emotions to it that Richmond County school leaders understand.


Whether it's the hardest part, something to be tired of, or a condition in the middle of crying and hoping, Augusta schools can't change the record.

Nine working days gone by, and still no SAT statistics.

Nine working days gone by, and still no idea where they are.

Nine working days gone by, and every phone call starts the same way.

"I don't have any scores yet," Superintendent Charles Larke said Friday. "We're still waiting."

At least after this long, he can chuckle about it.

"Last week I was looking for them every day," he said. "And after they didn't come on Tuesday ..." He laughed then.

The bulk of the nation's schools learned Aug. 26 how their students fared on the Scholastic Assessment Test, the college entrance exam test that's used, perhaps too much, as a defining measure of a school system's performance.

Columbia County knows its students' SAT scores.

Aiken County knows its.

Richmond County waits.

The bulk of the nation has probably forgotten about the scores in the nine working days since then, their energies and focus directed at other tasks, such as extolling the virtues of deceased royalty.

And Richmond County waits.

Day 9 without scores ended up as a day "to stop checking the mail and (go about) running the school system," Dr. Larke said.

The latest prediction: Richmond County will have its SAT statistics within two weeks. Of course, that was the original prediction two weeks ago.

"I'm not worrying about the mail. I'll just wait until they get here," Dr. Larke said.

And, as Mr. Holly knew, think about them all the time.


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