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Anniversary marked by conference on healing

Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Augusta has invited Jack Little of Carlsbad, Calif., to lead a conference about healing as part of its 10th-anniversary celebration.

A lot of people will think this is a crusade where people come for healing, but it won't be like that at all, said the Rev. Little, pastor of Grace Chapel of the Coast in Carlsbad. "It will be equipping them to hear from God to pray for the sick."

Through the Book of Acts and other New Testament passages, he shows how Jesus called others to join him, trained them and sent them out, the Rev. Little said. "He took normal everyday people and made them mighty men and women of God," he said.

People will pray for one another at the conference. "We will encourage people in how to hear from God, to put into action what they hear," he said.

"My part is to do what he told me to do, go and pray and give them what God has given me, and if they are healed that is to his credit, his mercy."

The Rev. Little used to oversee Florida and Georgia as a regional pastoral coordinator for the Vineyard Fellowship, begun by John Wimber. But he felt called to start his own church and was sent out with the Rev. Wimber's blessing, he said.

Grace Chapel is the fifth church the Rev. Little has started.

"What makes me tick is to mobilize people in the kingdom," said the Rev. Little.

People at the conference will pray for the gift of faith. Through the gift of faith, God will come upon a person so that he will do or say something that he wouldn't ordinarily do. But it is not magic, he said.

There are prayers for healing in Scripture, but no one can just memorize them and have someone healed, he said. It has to be God's act.

Healing can be physical, mental or spiritual.

Once he was seated between a man and a woman on a flight. Bored, he asked the Lord for some information to strike up a conversation, he said. The Lord gave him an opportunity to share his testimony.

Through an inspiration, the Rev. Little realized the woman was brokenhearted over a torn relationship and was in adultery, he said. They began to talk and after giving his testimony, they were able to talk about her daughter, who had gotten into drugs.

"That broke your heart," he said.

The woman also told him she had cancer. "Would you mind if I prayed for you, right now?" he asked. She could invite Christ into her heart, he said. "He can deal with your brokenness and sin and cancer," he said. "You are with different men but you never make a commitment because you are afraid. You need to confess that as sin."

The woman left sobbing. "I have no idea what happened to her," he said. "I never saw her again."}

God is always working in the lives of others, he said. "Just ask the Lord, and you will have some wonderful encounters."

Tenth Anniversary, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Augusta

WHAT: Conference on Healing
WHO: The Rev. Jack Little
WHERE: 3126 Parrish Road
WHEN: 7-9:30 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday; registration, 6 p.m. Friday
COST: $10 individual, $15 couple

WHAT: Vineyard Women's Conference
WHO: Penny Fulton and Cindy Rethmeier
WHERE: 3126 Parrish Road
WHEN: 7-9 p.m. Friday, registration, 6:30 p.m. Friday; 9:15 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday; breakfast, 8:30 a.m. Saturday
COST: $35


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