Originally created 09/06/97

Contrasts problems at the two malls

I would like to answer the Aug. 28 letter by Marietta Cane, Gabriele Wade and Elmyria Hudson concerning my previous letter in which they asked what I meant by the phrase "what south Augusta deserves."

I'm afraid I used a little sarcasm (in the Aug. 17 letter "Hoodlums ruining our malls"). I should know better. It never works.

I live in south Augusta and have for 42 years. My husband and I raised our two children and they attended schools in south Augusta. We were proud they put Regency Mall here, (because) we had a mall we could shop in not far from home.

Then the gangs started to hang out there, like Augusta Mall is now experiencing. Things went from bad to really bad. No one listened to us; it's as if no one cared.

One day at Regency five big boys walked up to a 70-year-old man and his 68-year-old wife and said the most vulgar words in the English language. It was not easy for this man to walk away from these hoodlums without saying a word, since he is no coward. But he knew he could have been killed.

It's a different story now -- because Augusta Mall is in west Augusta. ...

We need to stop blaming schools, churches and teachers for what our children do. We brought them into this world and it's up to us to teach them all they need to know about discipline and respect for others. I hear more parents telling their children how to get around man's laws but not one word about obeying God's laws. ...

I know the three letter writers are doing the best they can for their children -- and that is all God asks of us.

No, it is not easy being a parent. But it is the highlight of my life.

Joyce Gantt, Augusta


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