Originally created 09/06/97

Says world lost a treasure and humanitarian

With the sad and tragic death of Princess Diana on Aug. 31, the question of privacy and the invasion of privacy has become a main focus of the world.

Has this latest breach of privacy resulted in the loss of three lives? Unfortunately, yes!

Not only has Britain lost a valued treasure, but the world has lost a great humanitarian. My heart goes out to both the royal family and Diana's family. My greatest sympathy goes to Prince William and Prince Harry. The loss of a mother at such a young age can only be devastating.

Although I am American, my English ancestry binds me to Britain and the royalty. I am a supporter of the monarchy, and many Americans express the same sentiments as I do. We shall all certainly mourn the loss of Diana.

As for the paparazzi, they are the blight upon the face of the Earth. They are the people who gave the press a bad name. I have no qualms with reputable news agencies; however, there is no excuse for the paparazzi. They are like buzzards feasting on the famous, both publicly and privately. The callous manner they took at the scene of the accident only proves my point.

I hope the seven incarcerated photographers are convicted of this crime. Death would be much too equitable for this loathsome group. I also hope some type of law will be enacted to prevent tragedies like this one from happening again.

I urge everyone not to fuel the paparazzi by buying tabloid magazines. Let us all form a united front against the abuses of freedom of the press.

George Brown, Grovetown

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