Originally created 09/05/97

Protests black-on-white hate crimes

I have observed that the media, which does not report black-on-white hate crimes, are willing to not only report but sensationalize white-on-black hate crimes. Remember the mass killings of whites in a New York record shop after a black had told all the black customers to leave -- and then he murdered 12 whites? ...

Every year, the number of black-on-white hate crimes are more numerous and even more damaging than white on black, but very little is covered about those types of crimes committed by blacks. Instead we are given a poor substitute like what gas station or fast food restaurant, that predominately blacks (but whites also) robbed that day. This is covered in order to show "economic strife" instead of covering the pervasive hatred that is being shown only to the extent of one side of the coin.

Since 1994, there has been a whole slew of films that have black stars, but few recognize that the majority of those films prey upon the race issue (again one-sided)?

A Time To Kill, and several Spike Lee films (One of which was made about blacks riding on a bus on the way to the "Million Man March) and most recently, the Turner network television rendition of Wallace. Did you all notice the mean looking faces of all the white characters?

My father met and talked to Gov. George Wallace and he said you would not be able to tell the difference between him and a nice, next-door neighbor. I like to call these "politically correct" films. ...

Now, since Proposition 209 has finally taken affect, we really get an earful. We get to see thousands of people marching on the Golden Gate Bridge. We are supposed to relate it to Birmingham's quarter-of-a-million marchers in the '60s.

It is not (the same)! But there is a whole, special-interest business out there trying to preserve discrimination by states in order to give preferential treatment to people based on the color of one's skin or gender. It is amazing to see activist liberal blacks trying to give speeches on why they should be able to discriminate -- and then say to whites that discrimination is wrong. I believe that we call that hypocrisy.

Will Tinney, Aiken


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