Originally created 09/05/97

sorry spam.com

"Spamming" is a new phenomenon involving unsolicited messages being sent everywhere on the worldwide web. Recently, someone has been "spamming" using the official address of Augusta's governmental web site, augusta.co.richmond.ga.us.

These are the e-mail's introductory remarks, replete with grammar and spelling errors:

"Hello Everyone: This is Augusta, Ga. This is some of the Sevices Offered. Experence what Augusta has to offer!" (A recipient might conclude that a bunch of ignoramuses populate our city!)

The e-mail also recommends visiting 13 local web sites. (Who picked these fortunate Internet sites? How do you get on the list?)

Well, here's a message back to whomever's doing this "spamming:" Enroll in a remedial English class, and give a plug to our web site: www.augustachronicle.com.


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