Originally created 09/05/97

Calls UPS strike editorial misleading

The editorial "UPS strike; no winner," dated Aug. 21, is misleading.

United Parcel Service wanted Teamsters members to vote on a contract drawn up by the company only, not jointly by the company and the union as it supposed to be. This company-only contract would have jeopardized full time jobs in the future. UPS also wanted to use subcontractors instead of current employees.

The union's Central States Health and Pension Fund matched the company's offer dollar for dollar, except at age 57 with 25 years of service where the union's is $500 per month more than the company's offer.

Management's plan was not to create 10,000 new full-time jobs, it was 1,000. The work is already there by combining present part-time jobs.

Under the union-controlled pension fund, interest made on investments goes back to the members, not for operating the company's business.

Central States Pension Fund is overseen by the federal government as per the 1989 RICO settlement.

The UPS pension fund ranks 9th out of the 500 worst under-funded pensions as per the Guarantee Insurance, a government agency.

Your biased report says nothing about Ron Cary being the first ever "elected" president of the teamsters union by the rank and file members. It says nothing about Mr. Cary's independent review board, which, with former FBI director William Webster, has kicked out more than 300 union officials for being involved with organized crime.

Sure, the customers lost during this strike, yet it could have been prevented had the company bargained in good faith ...

Ron Mullis, Augusta

(The author is a UPS employee and steward trustee for Teamsters Local 728)


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