Originally created 09/05/97

Blames upbringing for mall problems

We are all aware of the criminal acts in the Augusta area and throughout this country and the world. Not only is this affecting the cost of living and taxes, but it is costing everyone, including the offenders.

It is very expensive to the merchants and their shareholders alike to bring these lovely stores and malls to Augusta. If this violence continues we will no longer have a place to buy our groceries or our clothes -- and this also includes the offenders.

The problems stem from the upbringing at home, with no parents at home most of the time. The children are left to roam the streets. They get bored, and from there they join gangs, get into drugs, and seemingly have no purpose to live for.

If the offenders had responsibilities and fewer handouts, they wouldn't have time to commit these acts. Drug dealers are always around the corner looking for bored teen-agers and others. ...

Kathleen E. Morris, Augusta

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