Originally created 09/05/97

Stupid bias suit

Parents of 14 North Carolina students have filed a lawsuit against their school district, charging that a grade school proficiency test they failed was discriminatory.

But this is an unusual discrimination case. The claim isn't that the test was biased against persons of color, ethnicity or gender -- the usual reasons. And this suit also fulfills all Politically Correct notions of diversity: the suing students comprise a nearly equal mix of blacks, whites and Hispanics.

Their beef, reports Scripps Howard News Service, is that the test discriminated against them because they weren't smart enough to pass it.

About 90 percent of their classmates did pass, and to fail the other 10 percent because their scores weren't as good, the lawsuit claims, amounts to discrimination against a minority.

Can you believe that?

The logic of the lawsuit suggests schools shouldn't give tests because some students are too dumb to pass them. Hopefully, a judge will throw the case out for being frivolous. Plaintiffs' lawyers have no business in the classroom anyway.

But the very fact that parents would file such a suit -- and a lawyer would take it -- demonstrates there is strong sentiment in some segments of our society that schools' chief function should be to nourish children's self-esteem, not to teach and test them. How tragic for our young people if that viewpoint ever wins out.


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