Originally created 08/31/97

Says Pete Brodie cause of speculation

At the Aug. 19 Columbia County Commission meeting prior to the discussion of the Wildwood development plan, the Commission chairman expressed concern over what he defined as "unfortunate" speculation and discussion, which had preceded the meeting. The speculation and discussion that I am aware of can be attributed directly to statements made by the chairman, the Columbia County Development Authority or the Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Any action by the Commission always affects the entire county. The decisions and actions made within a narrow, conceptual range and short-term planning are usually the most costly to the taxpayer. The Commission chairman needs to understand that those elected bear more responsibility than those appointed or employed. Furthermore, he should realize that when one's property tax bill is more than the previous year, to the taxpayer this is identical to a tax increase. An increase is an increase, whether from any percent increase in property evaluation or a tax millage increase.

If the Commission chairman cannot baffle the public with brilliance, at least let him refrain from befuddling us with "other matters."

Inez Wylds, Appling

(Editor's note: Columbia County readers should see the editorial page of today's Neighbors insert for more on this topic.)


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