Originally created 08/31/97

Dreams of more addictive lawsuits

I am fed up with reading over and over news articles on tobacco regarding law suits against tobacco industries, a national war on tobacco, FDA regulations of nicotine, and congressional policy on tobacco, etc.

Recently I saw the same type of news on TV regarding cigarette smoking, late at night. I don'tknow when I fell asleep but I found myself reading The Chronicle dated April 11, 1998. My attention was drawn to a news item about an old man filing suits against fast food restaurants for the last 20 years.

He had learned that his cholesterol level was high and his doctors advised him to a restrict fat intake, but he couldn't do so. He said that because he had found himself addicted to hamburgers that he could not stop it, even though he knew too much fat was not good for him.

When he checked his cholesterol again he found that it had increased to an even higher level. He therefore sued fast food giants for being responsible for his high cholesterol level by supplying foods rich in fat. He said that he would have avoided this if he had been warned about the high cholesterol levels in the food.

One reporter told him that even cigarette cartons have this sort of warning, and people have not stopped smoking. He could not reply. My eyes opened and I found myself in bed early morning.

Champak C. Patel, Martinez


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