Originally created 08/30/97

Laments loss of full-time jobs

Unless the American blue-collar worker wakes up, the future of full-time job opportunities is very bleak. The United Parcel Service strike was a courageous step but not enough.

Immediately after the settlement, UPS corporate managers followed up with threats of layoffs. Could this be a mixture of retaliation and intimidation? I think so. This power mentality is common in middle managers and their supervisors. They consider the workers not as partners in a joint venture but as adversaries and not worth any type of loyalty.

In the 1950s loyalty was a twoway street between labor and management until greed became the priority of both labor unions and corporate CEOs. The American worker was and still is the backbone of the economy. Unfortunately corporate America forgets basic human anatomy. They forget injury to the backbone can range from an aggravating ache all the way to a fatal condition. At this time in our history the American worker is suffering from a debilitating affliction called corporate greed.

It is inconceivable that corporate CEOs rake in millions of dollars in bonuses and at the same time "downsize" the labor force. Mr. CEO has mercilessly killed the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of American workers and their families. Talk about 30 pieces of silver.

The one shining example of corporate loyalty was the gentleman in Methuen, Mass., who continued to pay his employees after their factory burned down. He kept them on the payroll until the factory was rebuilt. He was a true mensch.

William E. Johnson, Augusta


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