Originally created 08/30/97

Wants blacks to `demand' more

While researching for this letter, the president of the United States was making a speech about racism in America. I then realized my research is complete: I know without a doubt that the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall's dream for the demise of segregation is complete.

Prior to his death, Mr. Marshall also realized that with the landmark 1954 Brown decision, it created a big problem. I honestly feel that, at some point before his death, he often thought "what if?" "What if" the Supreme Court required schools all across America in black communities to be brought up to the standards of white schools, required all teachers to improve themselves... and established curricula that would be the same as in white schools?

I believe that doing this, rather than putting kids of color in classrooms where teachers would have problems teaching, would provide a better learning environment.

Last but not least, teachers are not allowed to exercise stringent authority in the classroom. What comes out of this? Many young people are out of control. ...

I am convinced our black leaders should stop looking for wealth and self-gratification and start asking the government to stop "tokenizing" us as black people.

Don't fix Lucy Laney High School. Tear it down and build one as big as Richmond Academy. Don't fix T.W. Josey High School. Tear it down and build a new one.

If we stop "accepting," and demand that our government do something, we can achieve higher standards of excellence in our homes, lifestyles and schools. ...

Joseph Diggs Sr., Augusta


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