Originally created 08/30/97

Explains paper carriers are self-employed contractors

As a carrier for The Augusta Chronicle since Oct. 1987, I feel qualified to respond to the Aug. 8 letter by William Head. He claims the price of a Chronicle subscription has "doubled in recent years." When I became a carrier in 1987 the monthly price of daily and weekend delivery was $8.50. The current price, $11, is hardly double that amount.

The Chronicle does use "non-employees to deliver the paper." We are independent contractors who purchase papers to resell to our customers -- a job we have chosen to do, knowing from the beginning we are non-employees. Like any self-employed individual, we are responsible for our own expenses and Social Security.

... However, the misconception we make "less than minimum wage" is a ridiculous assumption. I pick up papers for my customers at the Chronicle's Columbia County office. Of approximately 30 carriers who also do, at least half have 10 years of experience as carriers, some as many as 25.

From day one we have turned a nice profit from this "part-time" job and supplemented our regular income such that we live comfortably and are presently putting two children through college...

Don Blackstock, Harlem


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