Originally created 08/17/97

The last weekend

A couple weeks ago, Ericka Pavlas and Christina Reeves were sunning themselves by the lake.

At the beginning of the summer this would have seemed a fine way to spend an afternoon, but on this Saturday Ms. Reeves turned to her stepsister and said,"The sun is nice, but I'm ready to go back to school."

Yes, one can only take so much sun and relaxation before getting a little restless. After a summer in which Ms. Reeves' chief activities included working on her tan, spending time with her boyfriend and going skating, she's looking forward to seeing more of her friends, trying out for the tennis team and getting involved in a philanthropic Christian organization.

Ms. Reeves will be a 9th grade student at Greenbriar High School and Ms. Pavlis will be an 8th grade student at Columbia Middle School. The Columbia County schools get going on Friday, four days after Richmond County schools, which open Monday. Aiken County schools begin August 25.

Stephen Rudolph spent Saturday as he had most of the summer, skateboarding with friends. He's entering the ninth grade at Academy of Richmond County after spending grades one through eight in the private Episcopal Day School.

He hadn't been looking forward to the first day of school until last week, when he went to an orientation for ninth grade students. He saw the new people he is going to meet, and that changed his outlook.

"I'm going from having 32 people in a grade to 32 people in a classroom," Mr. Rudolph said.

Amber Askew, a rising senior at Hephzibah Comprehensive High School, worked Saturday at Fort Discovery National Science Center. She's looking forward to school as a stepping stone to college. She hopes to attend Georgia Southern University.

"I want to see my friends for the last year," said Ms. Askew, who explains robotics exhibits to visitors at her Fort Discovery job.

Angel Fernandez, who will begin 10th grade Friday at Harlem High School, worked Saturday behind the ice cream counter at Fat Man's River Walk. She's spent most of the summer baby-sitting and, like others, she's ready to see her friends again. Asked which she enjoyed more - being in school or having the summer off - she said "Being in school."


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