Originally created 08/17/97

Castigates UPS strikers, unions

I'm fed up with this United Parcel Service strike and the whining about pay, retirement and whether or not they are part time or full time.

I for one am anti-union. As far as I'm concerned unions have no place in the work force. They hold employers captive by their vicious acts of what I call corporate terrorism.

Where do unions come off telling a company what they can and cannot do with their own company? It doesn't take a college degree to be a driver for UPS, all it takes is a strong back, knowledge of the local streets and a willingness to work. I, on the other hand, have a bachelors degree in electronics and currently work as a technician and I don't make even half of what these part time drivers at UPS make.

I could see the money and benefits they want if they were required to have a college degree or some technical degree, but they don't. In my chosen line of work one's lucky if the company offers medical insurance; all I have is workman's comp. Retirement benefits are non-existent for me except in what I can afford to put in an IRA.

All you crybaby UPS drivers need to be thankful for what you have and get off your duffs and go back to work. Most of all, drop out of that union as all unions are legalized crooks and terrorists.

And to UPS -- hold the line and don't give in. ...

David W. Nowakowski, Waynesboro


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