Originally created 08/17/97

Decries hoodlums who ruin malls

It is about time we round up the people who are causing all these problems at our malls. But we forget to arrest one group of people: the parents of all these hoodlums.

These malls are just one more place for these so-called parents to dump their kids.

I suggest every time we see these hoodlums creating problems we round them up along with their parents and take them all to an island and dump them for one year. ...

These same people have almost closed Regency Mall but who cares, as it is located in south Augusta and we all know what south Augusta deserves, right?

Well, Augusta Mall looks like you are reaping the same fate unless you have the guts to take away some of these precious kids' rights, heaven forbid!

If I were planning on building a mall in Augusta, I would think long and hard before I did because it looks like its future has already been written.

I have used the word "hoodlums" because Webster says it means "violent criminal" and this fits both kids and parents.

Joyce Gantt, Augusta


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