Originally created 08/17/97

Urges restaurant patrons to tip better

I am a typical family man with a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. We recently moved to Augusta in search of more career opportunity for myself and a more diversified community in which to raise our children.

Over the years we have dined out often and at one time I traveled extensively and visited restaurants as much as six days a week. I always thought of myself as an average, even though conservative, tipper. My feeling was that for poor service you left no tip, for good service you left a few bucks, and for exceptional service you left an exceptional tip.

Well now I have had a chance to see the other side of the tipping situation. Upon our arrival in Augusta, my wife took a job as a server with a well-known, national seafood restaurant. My wife has a great personality and a genuine love of people. I thought this was certainly a position where her talents would be appreciated.

In reality I have found that often tipping has no relation to the quality of food or service but to some preconceived ideas people have of the restaurant server position. My wife makes $2.13 per hour. There are nights that she works hard, treats her customers to superior service, and basically ends up not having made minimum wage for her efforts.

This it not to say that everyone doesn't appreciate the efforts of our servers, but some need to understand that for the period of time that you are in a restaurant the server is employed by you. It is up to you to pay his or her salary based on their performance. ...

Jim Cantey, Augusta

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