Originally created 08/16/97

Elvis, pro and con

Reprinted from the June 27, 1956 edition of The Augusta Chronicle.Today's street poll sought some explanation of the remarkable popularity of Elvis Presley who makes a personal appearance at Municipal Auditorium tonight. The question: "Do you like Elvis Presley - and why?"

Miss Hazel Page, 20, 425 Greene St.: "Yeah, man. He's the most. His singing is tops, but the motions he goes through are strictly gone - long gone."

William L. Morrow Jr., 24, Woodlawn, Tenn.: "No. He's not so hot. I don't like his type of music. It's all rock and roll. I just don't go for it. He should be singing Tennessee music instead of that awful stuff he inflicts on people."

Edward O. Barrett, 14, 613 Fourth St.: "Elvis Presley is a great artist. He delivers the kind of music teen-agers go for. He started from the bottom and came up fast. I'm all for him."

John Edward Futral, 23, 1517 Elizabeth Dr., North Augusta: "I think Elvis Presley is a dope. I like the way he sings, but I don't like the way he acts. I just don't go for him. Period."

Rita Cowart, 14, 108 Second St.: "Elvis Presley is out of this world. His singing, and the way he swings his hips are just too much to resist. He's terrific!"

Louise Cowart, Rita's 12-year-old sister: "Listen! I've never seen him in person. How could I get to see him when he comes to Augusta? I never get to see anybody famous."


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