Originally created 08/16/97

Defends use of library by homeless

While I agree completely with M.R. Johnson (letter, Aug. 8) that the library does not need to serve as a homeless shelter, her lack of compassion for the homeless concerns me.

Yes, these people may be sleeping at the library tables and taking up space that library users need, but at the present time they have few other sanctuaries from the heat. While I admire Ms. Johnson's call for a separate homeless shelter to be found, the spirit from which that call comes seems less than admirable.

I for one don't mind the homeless of our area interfering with my progress -- to paraphrase Ms. Johnson -- if it means one less person is stricken by the heat.

In short, I wish we lived in a world where Ms. Johnson's letter would have been born of her own humanity, not her inconvenience.

William Sansbury, Augusta

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