Originally created 08/16/97

Asks local politicians to stop `whining'

I'm quite perplexed after reading a July 29 article. Why is Augusta Commissioner Rob Zetterberg running for his 3rd District seat when he says he "might run for the mayor's job" in 1998?

Equally distressing are his comments, "...but replacing us would allow the mayor to get his way" and "an alignment with (Mayor Larry) Sconyers would be a move into the past rather than into the future."

This political statement is what is wrong with local politics. We elect leaders to represent us and we expect our representative to be able to work with other elected officials to make this city better for all of us. Let's stop the whining.

Our city needs to move forward and we can't do that with commissioners whose only agenda is to make sure another official doesn't "get his way." The only way our government is to move forward is for people to have new ideas concerning unification.

George Sancken III, Augusta


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