Originally created 08/16/97

Says gun control won't deter criminals

Re the Aug. 6 letter by James Lewis:

We have a serious gun control problem in this country, but the blame is wrongly put on the shoulders of the law abiding citizens. The problem (gun regulation) is not with legal gun owners. Everyone should realize by now that law abiding gun owners and legal, regulated gun dealers are not a significant part of the gun crime problem. There are hundreds of gun laws on the books right now that cover all gun crimes, they just need to be enforced.

The "workable solution" mentioned is a totally, non-workable option. Even if every gun owner was licensed and registered and every legal transaction was properly recorded, the criminal with the illegal firearm would not be affected at all by any of these laws. Ask yourself these questions: Does a criminal care about any gun law? Would these registration laws affect a criminal buying an illegal gun? The answer to all these questions is "no." The solution to this problem is not with legal, law abiding gun owners! Lawmakers need to stop proposing gun bills and start enforcing the laws we have now.

The writer is wrong about the statistics on guns compared to vehicles. Vehicles are far more deadlier than firearms. Check the numbers in your almanac. Anyway, as it stands now, it is a privilege to drive a car, one you have to earn. But if you qualify as a legal gun buyer (instant check) you have the right to purchase a firearm.

The real problem with injuries and death caused by firearms is the illegal drug trade and gang related violence. Until this is controlled, all the gun laws in the world are not going to solve one single problem. ...

Jeff E. Burris, Aiken


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