Originally created 08/15/97

Seeks leadership from `leaders'

Residents of Richmond County voted for consolidation in hopes of cutting out the fat in the budgets and making this a better place to live. We went along with the penny sales tax for the schools hoping to give our children better educational benefits. Our elected representatives, however, continue to want more from us.

Well, it's time we demand they show some leadership and responsibility to their constituents when they hold their various meetings dealing with important matters. We are really getting tired of hearing them express their opinions over the local tabloid radio station. You know, the one with the host who thinks he is a Rush Limbaugh clone. Yes the one that reads The Chronicle to his listeners when none of his cronies are available to call in. ...

We as property owners and taxpayers should take heed. A lot is taking place in Richmond County that is going to affect a good many people. It seems as though Hephzibah attorney Dietrich Oellerich Jr. has done his homework and maybe additional study should be done before building that new school where it is currently proposed.

Another item of concern is the overpayment of substitute teachers. Those who repay should be allowed to substitute and those who don't should be removed from the list.

Let's not be greedy where the police grant money is concerned. The editorial page editor says to take the federal money -- that we pay federal taxes, too, and this is a way to get money back from Washington. When the grant is gone who is going to be footing the bill of the additional patrolmen? The local property owners, not the big corporations who get tax exemptions to operate in Richmond County.

From what I have observed the current commissioners operate on a day-to-day basis and long range planning is the furthest thing from any of their minds. If not for the overseer, Randy Oliver, we would already be financially worse off.

Ken Holmes, Augusta


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