Originally created 08/14/97

Says Contract with America forgotten

According to columnist Mona Charen, the Republican congressmen and Republican senators have been outfoxed by the president in the Oval Office and in both houses respectively.

Among several significant issues reported in Ms. Charen's column, the tax issue was most important, I think.

President Bill Clinton, by his charm and threat of veto, prevailed in all of them, at the expense and chagrin of taxpayers. In a word, pejorative!

The sword has pierced the heart and pocketbook of the working class to the good of folk who don't pay taxes and the president and Democrat members of Congress will reap the benefits in upcoming campaigns and elections.

I believe President Clinton could have outsmarted and outfoxed the "Desert Rat," German Gen. Erwin Rommel! Such dejure, hauteur, panache, confidence and the manipulation of the Republican Congress, sprinkled with blatant self-assurance and arrogance, I haven't seen since Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf and the U.S. Armed Forces won the Desert Storm War.

When political pundits guessed wrong about Sen. Hubert Humphrey beating Richard Nixon for president, a famous comic, Bob Hope, wired Mr. Nixon, "Unpack your bags."

The way things are going now, in favor of the sitting president, voters will tell the Republican Congress to "pack their bags!"

Actually the 1960s generation, led by President Clinton, took over in 1992, and will continue to rule. Come 1998 and 2000, the Democrats will swamp the Republicans. They've been outfoxed and outsmarted. What's more, they forgot the principles and goals of their "Contract with America."

John P. Reichel, Martinez


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