Originally created 08/13/97

Demands Larke's resignation

The overpayment of substitute teachers in Richmond County is a disgrace to every person involved on the Board of Education.

What are these people being paid for? Just to give away our hard-earned money?

It is time someone becomes responsible or the total crowd should resign. What is going on? Some more of this "good ole boy" hiring of incompetent people for most responsible positions is the real answer, and lack of supervision by capable people.

If Superintendent Charles Larke is such a great administrator, why has $96,000 slipped out of the taxpayers' wallets into those of overpaid people? If Mr. Larke does not resign, then he and the entire Board of Education officials should have this amount deducted from their own salaries.

If this was demanded, then each would well remember that $96,000 is not 96 cents.

We taxpayers have been railroaded too long. I am over 90 years old and when one's years of earnings are long past and one must pay for high-priced drugs and high-priced domestic labor, or seek welfare, it's past time for us to stop paying taxes for incompetent people to give away.

We need a taxpayers' strike to shut off these incompetent employees' salaries, then the buck will stop where needed.

Mrs. Jessie B. Hitt, Augusta


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