Originally created 08/12/97

Xtreme screen: `Steel' opens

Copland - Rambo plays a good cop. It's Sly Stallone as the New Jersey sheriff in shining armor, helping good cop Robert DeNiro take on heavyweight bad cops like Harvey Keitel. An action flick (of course).

Steel - Out in Los Angeles, street punks are up to their usually rough stuff - except that they have bigger guns than anyone's ever seen. Meanwhile, government officials offer up these same weapons to the world's criminal mastermind. Someone has to fight them. And that someone is Shaquille O'Neal. But as in Face Off the only way to fight the enemy is to become him. Mr. O'Neal has to become steel, a weapon himself.

Event Horizon - Augusta native Lawrence Fishburne stars in this sci-fi thriller that's part 2001 and part The Shining. He's the captain of a search and rescue ship sent to recover a research vessel that disappeared seven years earlier and has suddenly returned to our solar system. Don't expect them to find cute little E.T. aboard.

The movies open Friday. See Friday's Applause! section for movie critic Roger Ebert's review of Copland and for other theater listings and capsule movie reviews.


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