Originally created 08/12/97

DNA tests link Albert to accuser in sex assault case

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) - DNA evidence links Marv Albert to a bite mark and semen stains on the woman who accused the NBC sportscaster of sexual assault.

The Virginia state crime lab reported Monday that there is only a 1-in-2.6 billion chance that some of the samples taken from the woman could have come from someone other than Albert.

The lab found consistencies between a blood sample provided by Albert and sperm samples recovered from the woman's skin and underwear and DNA from bite wounds on her back.

The report does not detail whether saliva was recovered but does say genetic material consistent with Albert's was recovered from the bite wounds.

Albert's 42-year-old accuser told investigators that the divorced sportscaster invited her to his hotel room in Arlington on Feb. 12. The woman told police Albert threw her onto a bed, bit her back repeatedly and forced her to perform oral sex.

Albert was charged with sodomy and assault. He has denied the charges.

Albert's lawyer, Roy Black, said in a statement: "Marv Albert reasserts his innocence and will establish his innocence in court when he finally gets an opportunity to defend himself."

He is scheduled for trial Sept. 22.

"I think that Mr. Albert is in very serious trouble," said Lawrence Kobilinsky, a professor of forensic science at New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "I think that the defense is going to be very hard pressed to explain how his saliva and semen were found on her person."

Albert provided prosecutors with blood, hair and saliva samples on orders from a judge.

Albert also has given authorities imprints of his teeth. He is expected to have his own DNA and other testing done before the trial.


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