Originally created 08/12/97

Wants bigger slice of pie for workers

I am happy to see that the leaders of the Teamsters Union recognize that the policies of UPS to have a large portion of their force as temps and part-time employees are destroying middle class America. Of course, it's not just UPS doing this, but many other corporations and the U.S. government as well.

Temporary hire was meant to be just that -- temporary, not a career. I asked Guy Millner, when he was running for the Senate, what are these people to live on when they are past their working age, with no pension, no health care and very little Social Security? He had no answer.

The unions made the middle class of America. The greedy chief executive officers and many corporations are destroying it. A large Wal-Mart in Canada went union for this reason. I just hope the workers in these non-union corporations will set aside their fears and organize. Pay for the CEOs of these large corporations went up 52 percent and the average worker's pay has decreased about 7 percent these past few years. It's way past time for these workers to get a larger slice of the pie.

Carroll C. Kenny, Hephzibah


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