Originally created 08/12/97

Hopes to rescue library from homeless

I would like to encourage every taxpayer in Richmond County to make a special effort to visit the main library on Greene Street. Go at the time when the temperature has reached its hottest; you will be astounded at what you find.

The homeless have found a place to meet their needs -- a cool air-conditioned library. Do they utilize library services such as reading or research? Absolutely not. Rather you will find a great many with their heads on tables napping or just sitting there taking up space. For students and adults needing services offered by the library, it's tough luck -- the tables are already occupied.

How can we parents allow such a bad example to be set for our children? Give our knowledgeable librarians the courtesy of a safe working environment.

Find a separate building for the homeless, one that does not interfere with the progress of others.

When our commissioners are checking this out, they need to also see the deplorable conditions of the library's restrooms.

M.R. Johnson, Augusta


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