Originally created 08/03/97

So many Elvises, so little time

What makes Elvis Presley the world's most impersonated performer? One reason: These days, you don't even have to look like Elvis to do Elvis.

There is Elvis Herselvis, the lesbian Elvis. An Elvis cop known as "The King of Traffic Safety." A Down syndrome Elvis. A barbecuing Elvis. El Vez, the Mexican Elvis. The Flying Elvi, an Elvis skydiving team.

There's even a bird known as Friz-Elvis, the Elvis budgie.

"Nothing surprises me," says David Woo-Bloxberg, a freelance photojournalist near San Francisco who does his share of surprising when he performs as Nude Elvis.

"Elvis is whatever you want him to be," he says. "Elvis is in all of us."

Woo-Bloxberg created Nude Elvis last November as a joke, posing in gold lame underpants and a black wig for photos that he posted on his Nude Elvis Web site. For good measure, he invented the National Association of Amateur Elvis Impersonators and declared himself president.

"It turns out the joke is on me," he says. "I got hundreds of e-mails. Now it's a real entity, and I'm stuck administering this association. It has more than 400 members."

The association has neither dues nor auditions.

"The only requirement for membership," he says, "is a desire to be Elvis."


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