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Redneck Games

DUBLIN, Ga. (AP) - You know you're a redneck if you attend Dublin's second annual Redneck Games, where those with the biggest hair and the most obnoxious armpit sounds win.

Competition in the mud pit belly flop, the hubcap hurl, the seed spitting contest, the armpit serenade and other events runs through Sunday at 441 Speedway, about 45 miles southeast of Macon in middle Georgia.

The caldron for Friday night's opening ceremonies was a barbecue grill. Spectators were invited to watch from their pickup trucks as the grill was lit with a propane torch.

A pretty risky opening, considering the piles of sprayed, teased hair sure to be in attendance - like that of Jody Dixon, this year's Big Hair Queen.

"They made me do this," Ms. Dixon said as two friends used at least three cans of hairspray to sculpt her thick, straight hair into a huge bouffant style for the big hair contest Wednesday.

"Just call the style `Redneck Boo-fant,"' said Bo Register, one of the stylists.

Ms. Dixon and last year's Miss Redneck, Angela Thornton, will preside over the competition.

Like the winners of other events, Ms. Dixon received a trophy and a gold medal.

"Well, it isn't really gold, it's just gold-colored, you know?" said Jeff Kidd, the games coordinator for radio station WQZY, which sponsors the charity event with the Dublin Jaycees.

The games began last summer as a tie-in to the Atlanta Olympics, drawing a crowd of 3,000. This year, sponsors expect 4,000 spectators at $5 each.

If the weekend weather is hot and humid, those with big hair needn't worry.

"Honey," Ms. Register said, shaking the third can of hairspray above Ms. Dixon's head. "Hurricane Hugo couldn't move this hair."


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