Wants Wildwood kept the way it is

Disagrees with `HillaryCare' editorial

Demands apology for divorce article

Defends Christians' place in politics

Thinks editorial soft on Clinton

Suggests voluntary pay cut for Larke

Beech Island, the city?

Good Aiken Co. school news

Says `hero' deserved thanks

Seeks united front for Disney boycott

`Thumps' letter with Bible verse

Says church people pay taxes, vote

Opposes bill financing contraception

Worries about survival of human race

Thank you

Rowing winners to return for team trials

Fourth arrest made in pawn shop murder

Hostages seize man who hijacked bus

Games helped amateur sports

Burnettown growth outstrips police force size

Seminar teaches crime avoidance

Torchbearers still aglow

Martin launches campaign to unseat Schrenko

Budget has no profit, but much in assets

New United Way center to offer `one-stop shopping'

Where are they now: Olympic athletes went on to varied fates

Timeline: Highlights of 1996 Olympics

Games helped amateur sports

One year later: Olympic Games left lasting impact

Swing shift

New leaders seeking to have impact

Georgia's second-tier cities reaped Olympic gold

Local and area briefs

Council to discuss broken sewer part

Holmes denied bail in Barnes shooting

Service remembers slain officer

Post-Olympic work remains

Anniversary parade reprises city's glory

Izzy still missing after year

Local and regional news briefs

Beached whales sad, but provide valuable information

Bachelors have image to uphold

Leftover plutonium could be burned at SRS

David Westin: Howell practicing for Hartford Open

Deadly 10th and 11th could determine 126th British Open Sunday

Tiny fighter ready to go

Judge: Irvin must give deposition

Walker bumps the bank

Braves notes

New guard in lead at Trans National

S.C. State optimistic about 1997

Greene not in Panthers camp; talks break off

Deadly 10th and 11th could determine 126th British Open Sunday

Salamone wins title

Fans find plenty of action from women boxers

Millwood start ends in Braves loss

Ullrich wins time trial to extend lead

New pitchers blending in as best they can

No dunks yet in WNBA

Ah Yat again for Jackets

Yankee pitcher Irabu, other athletes drawn to magnets for health

Sport's dangers concern family

Parnevik leads Clarke by two in British Open

Trans National marked with upsets

Reaching out for the Millenium

Poetry drifts like `Breeze in Willows'

Revival, spiritually enriching trip

Ask Carson: Open gifts if everyone is a giver

Church bulletin

Longhorns put Abilene on the map

Convention looks for unity amid differences

Just for keeps

Historical mysteries: New Guinea rife with tales of monsterrrr

A time to play

So you think you know how Cinderella felt?

Festival is about women, but for any music fan

Bell Atlantic, Nynex agreement paves way for $23 billion merger

Court: FCC exceeded authority in local phone pricing

Box-office numbers down

Boat sales sailing along

California once again is no. 1 agriculture producer

Business briefs

Donations can go on with will

Broker started own business

Economist credits women's contributions

Business calendar

On the move

Family must continue success of Versace

Business briefs

Import flood sends trade deficit soaring

Web site translate languages

Station's troubles show differences in approaches to space

Etiquette books coach Americans in late-20th-century manners

Avoid heart-stopping antihistamines

Georgia clings to old methods of monitoring political spending

Furman goes from offensive line to on-line

Museum closing may doom old warbirds, missiles

Mir crew fixes latest breakdown; major repairs delayed again

Old computers find new homes in public housing

Mir crew gets disappointing news: Next crew to do key repairs

Etiquette books coach Americans in late-20th-century manners