Wants information in TV newscasts

Comments on variety in `Chronicle'

Who is Gordon Giffin?

Wants churches to pay `stupid taxes'

Suggests place for code violation sign

Opposes non-traditional sexual unions

Feels Medicare reforms betray elderly

Adams accepts public works position

Passionate principal speaks to Aiken educators

First hearing in death today

Richmond BOE wants to move downtown offices

Aiken Council on Aging executive resigns

Stephenson called good friend, husband, co-worker

What a boat!

Lightning crashes

Georgia welfare numbers drop

Procedures might have saved officer's life

Suspect arrested in killing

Appeals filed by councils are dismissed

Businessman pleads guilty to mail fraud

Uranium extraction quickens

Hit the lights!

Discipline hearings up in Columbia schools

Dropout numbers increase

British Open begins with no clear favorite

Falcons open first camp under Dan Reeves

What A Tomato to test Price

No limits for California boxer

Desbiens wins Tour stage, Ullrich keeps lead

Peach Jam notes

Low winds, low scores at British Open

Braves notes

Domen finds renewal in boxing

West an important off-season add

Tucker doubles in clutch

Klesko's HRs help defeat Rockies

Warriors, Riverside to clash

Mike Berardino: Even college coaches have consciences

Agent: Wynn likely won't hold out at Jacksonville

Braves notes

Peach Jam likely to return in '98

Mike Berardino: Still Lefty after all these years

IOC president salutes Atlanta on Olympic anniversary

Video watch

Lauper wants more than just 'fun'

Sagan's widow finds affirmation in movie

Club calendar

New Yorker has nashville stars squirming

`Condor' stresses action, not violence

Writer's theory on chronic fatigue syndrome strikes a nerve

Comedian's humor still smokes

Health capsules

Concert watch

Protection in the box

No need for a paddle

Music Reviews: Malone's `Devil Moon' has a haunting appeal

New bakery is living up to its name

Health calendar

Street party brings good fun for unity


Inflation rate at 1.4 percent this year

FCC asks Congress to release licenses in bankruptcy

After the layoffs

Hardees to lay off 175 workers amid CKE sale

Wine-makers savoring Senate tax bill

Woolworth's closing its dime stores

Automakers making more guarantees to entice used-car buyers

Hotel to double capacity

ASU to offer interview course

Business briefs

Changing times changed Moovies' big plans

Investigators search Columbia sites in six states

Half full or empty?

American may be in on Mir repair job

Industry to offer protective software to parents

On computers: upgrade or replace that old box?

Hop in your cars and drive to Mars

Corel delivers more features in WordPerfect 8

FDA recommends stronger nonprescription Rogaine

Computers 102: `remote' option links home, office

Houseflies can carry ulcer bacteria

Navigator: web sites that parody Washington

Is the Mir crew too stressed for space?

Gallery scene expands to new sites

Cyburbia: There's lots to do, but disk is no coup

Congress urged to allow taxes on Internet business users

Computer users can breed cyberpets with `creatures' cd

FTC cautions Internet sites on querying kids

Shrimpers, officials concern about viruses