Originally created 07/14/97

The name game

Since the board of regents redubbed Augusta College as Augusta State University last summer, signs, letterhead and brochures have all been changed to reflect the new name.

Now through around the end of the year, AC graduates can have the name on their degree changed as well.

"It was an exciting thing when all of it (the name change) took place, and this is a way for alumni to share in that," said Phil Wahl, president of the ASU Alumni Association, who plans to replace his framed 1987 AC degree in his office at Wachovia bank with a new one from ASU.

A letter with the graduate's name, year of graduation and Social Security number and $25 mailed to the registrar's office is all it takes.

Once all the letters are in, registrar Katherine Sweeney will send the requests to the printer. From that point, which could be around January 1998, it should take about six to eight weeks to have the new document printed.

Along with the school's new name, the signatures on the degree will be of the current administration. There's no way to re-create signatures of former administrators, she said.

Ms. Sweeney said she has gotten a few requests already for the new documents.

"The people who want them, want them badly, but I could probably count on my fingers and toes, the number of calls I've received," she said.

Charles Tant, a 1985 AC graduate, said he doesn't plan to be one of those who gets the updated certificate.

"I totally support ASU. I wish we'd become a university when I was there," he said. "But I'm sentimental about my degree and the signatures on it. Dr. (George) Christenberry was my president."

To receive the new degree, graduates do not have to trade in their old ones, said Mr. Wahl.


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