Originally created 07/14/97

Wants U.S. flag flown above all

Re the July 4 story about the relative prominence of various flags versus the U.S. flag:

Since no flag is supposed to be flown above the U.S. flag, except the flag of the non-country, the United Nations, something is amiss.

If this has been the rule all along Ä i.e., since the establishment of the U.N. Ä then we've been wrong all along. We have given in to U.N. unelected bureaucrats who enjoy living high off of our money while breaking their backs in their furtive war to take over the world by claiming U.N. sovereignty over everything.

If the U.S. flag being flown below the U.N. flag is a recent rule, it shows what flimsy suckers we have become.

The American flag should always rate the highest position. Anything less proves our cowardly national leaders have already ceded our sovereignty. ...

Bill Dekle, Millen

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