Originally created 07/14/97

Says charity begins at home

I see these advertisements on the television all the time wanting us to give to this or that charity to help sick and starving children around the world. Don't get me wrong, for my heart goes out to these unfortunate children. But why is it that almost every time you see one of these advertisements it's to help people that reside in other countries? Don't they understand that we have our own starving, sick and homeless children here in the United States?

I don't know what they were taught but I was taught charity begins at home. We have more than enough people here who need our charitable moneys and that is where I feel our emphasis should go.

Let us take care of our own; once we have taken care of our country then we can begin to help those less fortunate in other countries.

I urge people in the United States to give to charities that alleviate our sick, starving and homeless here before they even consider helping those from other countries.

David W. Nowakowski, Waynesboro


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