Originally created 07/13/97

Congratulates Weiss for philanthropy

As a former employee of WBBQ/WZNY, I would like to congratulate the owner/president of Savannah Valley Broadcasting, George Weiss, on his philanthropic contribution to the Medical College of Georgia. The millions of dollars this gift will generate will speak volumes of his compassion and caring for generations to come.

When I was a young boy listening to WBBQ, it was my childhood dream to one day work for this man's company. When that day came in 1982 with a call from then-Program Director Harley Drew, I felt like I'd won an Academy Award. It was magic. My dream came true! And now with Mr. Weiss' contribution, the dreams of others may come true.

I wish Mr. Weiss Godspeed. As your former employee, let me thank you for the opportunity you accorded myself. I sincerely hope that other members of Augusta's business elite will follow in your footsteps, and give something back to a community that has been so good to us all. We owe you a debt we can never repay.

Steve York, Martinez


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