Originally created 07/13/97

Wants `Chronicle' to report `shenanigans' at WSRC

While I admit to an intense disdain for my former employer, the Westinghouse Savannah River Corp., recent newspaper articles and letters to the editor certainly tend to support my view.

But what burns me up even more than WSRC itself is the seeming unwillingness of The Chronicle to investigate WSRC shenanigans more thoroughly. ...

In 1991, WSRC stopped giving bonuses to all but the very top level of management, discontinuing a long-term policy that affected perhaps 1,000 employees. Who received what award for a "hard-dollar savings suggestion" that led to this change in policy? What was the level of the recipient and was his personal bonus discontinued?

Several years ago WSRC also changed the health insurance policy, such that employees pay a great deal more for their health insurance now than previously. Who at what level received what award for this "hard dollar savings?"

A couple of years ago, who received what award for a change in the employee savings and investment plan that removed the Magellan Fund as one of the investment options? Actually this has been a good move for the employees up until now, since Magellan has not performed that well recently. However, there was a great clamor at the time because most employees preferred Magellan.

The point of this is to question the ethics of a setup that rewards management for changes to the detriment of its own employees.

I'm sure there are many lesser examples of this sort of thing of which I am unaware. It would be interesting to know the number and amount of the awards made to the top levels of WSRC as opposed to lower levels.

I hope you will agree that revelation of this information would make a worthwhile story for your newspaper, particularly in today's climate of suspicion about all sorts of unethical (if not corrupt) actions by WSRC management. ...

Stanley F. Petry, Aiken


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