Originally created 07/13/97

Rebuts criticism of Billy Graham

A June 29 letter writer said Rev. Billy Graham did not believe in hell as Jesus did. However, he didn't name any book or any printed sermon where Rev. Graham said this.

From his earliest days with the Youth for Christ (Rev. Graham spoke at Bell Auditorium in 1948) he has not been a "hell, fire and damnation" evangelist. His major has been "God loves every person and sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, to die because of the sins of all mankind, to be resurrected, ascend to Heaven so that any one who is led by the Holy Spirit to ask the Lord Jesus to come into his or her heart and life would become a child of God" (Romans 10:9-13).

Rev. Graham has affirmed his absolute confidence in the Bible as the God-breathed message for all human kind. His moral record is above reproach, impeccable, clean, clear, honorable....

When a well-known Muslim ace-debater wanted to debate, Rev. Graham simply said, "The Lord Jesus did not send me to argue, debate but to declare His Gospel that He died because of mankind's sins and was raised to provide salvation for all who will surrender their lives to Him." Our Lord Jesus said, "If a brother sins, you go see him and try to win him."

He never said "put your criticism in the daily paper, enlarge on any misquote or destroy confidence in any leader for Christ you can pick on!"

Mrs. T.C. McGuire, Augusta

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