Originally created 07/13/97

Takes pride in work for taxpayers

I would like to address some of these letters about Augusta-Richmond County employees. I am one of those people who work for the taxpayers of Augusta-Richmond County and I am proud of that fact!

I work about 50 hours a week for 37.5 hours of pay. I am underpaid by about $25,000 per year compared to my counterparts in the private sector. I do not get a car allowance nor do I have a county-issued vehicle.

I use my personal vehicle (which is five years old and I still have two years worth of payments on it) for government purposes and I do not receive overtime as I am salary exempt. You may ask why do I work for less pay. The answer is I feel that I can accomplish something here to benefit the taxpayers (as do many other employees of Augusta).

The reason my department and I work long hours is due to the fact that we cannot do maintenance or system upgrades while other employees are working. So we work nights and weekends to ensure that the system works when you (the taxpayer) come in and need some information on Monday through Friday.

We are working hard at trying to complete what you (the taxpayer) wanted when you voted for consolidation.

Marty Lick, North Augusta

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