Originally created 07/12/97

Credits liberals for world's progress

Liberals are not held in very high esteem at this point in our nation's development. But it was the liberal Franklin Roosevelt who brought us out of the Depression. It was the liberal John Kennedy who made it possible for us to put a man on the moon. It is the liberals who push the edge of the envelope. They are the ones who move civilization forward.

It was a liberal who first came out of the cave. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated because of his radical liberal views. Jesus Christ and Socrates were put to death because of their radical, liberal ideas.

There is no way Columbus could have conned a conservative into coming aboard one of his ships knowing that he was sailing off into unchartered waters.

We need conservatives to keep us from falling off the edge, but it is the liberals who are the rule breakers and the earth shakers.

If you ever see anyone rocking the boat or coloring outside the lines, you can bet he or she is a liberal.

Hoyt Goodson, Waynesboro


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