Originally created 07/11/97

Irish singer breathes out motherly lyrics in album

The biological clock must be ticking pretty loudly for Sinead O'Connor. She has more motherly instincts than Mrs. Brady in her new album, Gospel Oak.

The first cut, This Is To Mother You, is really nice. "This is to mother you/to comfort you and get you through/through when your nights are lonely/through when your dreams are only blue/this is to mother you."

The rest of the songs have no redeeming lyrics. They're about how she has his baby in her belly, so now he doesn't have to worry that she'll leave him because he's anchored her with his seed. Whatever. Pregnant women can leave. Hasn't she seen Nine Months?

On most of the songs she whines out the words so long you can't understand them. It's as though she's trying to be Enya but insists on singing in English.

Sound bite

To hear Sinead O'Connor, call INFOLINE at 442-4444 and press 8102. You'll hear part of the song This is to Mother You, from the album Gospel Oak.


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