Originally created 07/11/97

Admires those who stand for beliefs

The Southern Baptists stand up for what they believe and the media and the "if it feels good, do it" generation go into purple haze orbit. It is difficult for these latter two entities, who consign fortitude to baseness, to understand such convictions and the rights of others to have them.

The issue is not really homosexuality - it's decency. Most species of this planet's fauna exhibit sexual behavior and reproductive organ function that stray from procreative performance. So who cares if some humans prefer same-sex relationships over heterosexual encounters? That's choice. What most silent Americans have a problem with is the demonstration of those proclivities.

Who mandated the bedroom should be relocated to the streets and parks of the public domain? "Civilizational" honing, aside from religion, through millenia relegated sexuality to a proper time and place. Now, a few elitists dictate - and the flocks respond-that decency has been assigned too high a priority over instinctive behavior.

Lack of fortitude was poignantly illustrated on a local morning talk show when a caller identified herself as an octogenarian who had taken her grandchildren to Disney World, not knowing the visit coincided with "Gay Day." She inquired as to how the hosts suggested she explain to her grandchildren why two men were French kissing in line in front of her party. The hosts did not even respond to her question, but sidestepped the concern as blatantly as White House residents. ...

Even if Disney does not organize these "special" days, the true organizers do so to shock the general populace as if we were the abhorrence while Disney allows such behavior on its private property. ...

The point is: Where does the line get drawn - as surely it must? No American can deny seeing a disturbing change in the mission of Disney Enterprises from the celebration of happy childhood to the celebration of enormous profits no matter the means to the end. ...

In this era when most stand for nothing and acquiesce to everything, it's nice to hear someone announce his convictions and stand by them - popular or not.

William J. Welsh, M.D., Augusta


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