Originally created 07/11/97

Says churchgoers ignoring boycott

My letter concerns the Southern Baptist boycott and letters to the editor against the boycott.

Back in the '60s we had here in Augusta a vote for or against the sale of alcohol on Sunday. All the churches got together and had prayer meetings and town hall meetings, against the sale of alcohol on Sunday in restaurants. It failed because the churchgoers were the biggest users.

Now Disney is promoting the homosexual agenda, and what do I hear? The churches are boycotting Disney and the churchgoers are not going to go along with it. In fact, they call themselves Christians but in actions they are agnostics. Churches believe their pastor is sent from God to them.

Jesus had 12 disciples and one of them was a devil, Judas, who had a different agenda than their pastor Jesus, who came from God.

By the way, we are to judge angels, but we can't judge people? No wonder we have a permissive society.

Rev. Grady Brown, Augusta

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