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Bill Kirby: Postcard project continues

We're about halfway through the summer vacation season, and our postcard project is going strong.

We set out to get a card from every state, and it looks like we might do it. Among those still out there: Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Rhode Island.

And who's leading the pack? California and Arizona, if you can believe that.

Today's offerings:

Brian and Donna Bogardus of Aiken send our first card from Vermont on Day 5 of their "Slow-Miata-To-Maine-Tour."

They write: "The Burlington Expos lost to the New Jersey Cardinals. The game was at the University of Vermont Field. That's the reason for this card."

New England greetings also come from Massachusetts and Alex, Dot and grandson Dustin Darabaris. "Boston is wonderful," they say. "Going on vacation by AMTRAK is a good way to travel. P.S. Came to New England to escape Augusta's heat and found it in the 90s."

It was also warm for David Edwards, who sends a card showing Frank Sinatra's home in California."Sure does get hot here," he says.

Polly Beasley writes: "Haven't seen a card from Augusta yet!!! I'm having a wonderful vacation in the most beautiful and relaxing place anywhere on earth - Augusta, Ga., of course - and I live here, too."

Kevin and Dianne Kearns send a card showing Mount Rainier in Washington, where "this area is beautiful."

The Hartenstein family of Martinez (Kim, Fred, Craig and Scott) send a card from Kansas. "Wheat is all you see on Kansas roads."

Troy sends a card from Key West. "One of my favorite places in the states to visit for a weekend. Any story you've heard about it is likely to be true."

Charlotte and the rest of the Cash clan send a card from the famous Four Corners - where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico all come together. She writes: "The wind is really blowing in this area and the Navajo Indians are abundant."

Mr. and Mrs. George Schaeffer send a card from Pasadena, Calif., showing the Rose Bowl. They write: "Visiting daughter Myrtle and two grandsons, Colyn and Casey, is just as much fun as seeing activity ..."

Ash, Rett, Josh, Jonathan, Seth and Casey send a card from the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wis., showing a giant walk-through fish.

Belle Le Roy of Belvedere sends a nice note and a cute card showing cats. She writes: "I was in Michigan in April and didn't have your address with me."

And across the ocean come "greetings from the `navel' of the world and Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece," write Robert and Dawn Tudor and Dick and Dinah Frank of Augusta.

Still traveling this summer?

Don't forget to send me a card to P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, Ga. 30903.


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