Originally created 07/06/97

Says boxing prepares youth for life's battles

The images of boxing on TV often create the impression this sport is nothing but a process of savagery, anger, and brute force -- and sometimes of vengeance and hatred in relationships created by the promoters.

Mike Tyson's antics will stamp this image into the memory of many sports fans forever and make the false and distorted judgment on boxing even deeper and more lasting. But TV presents only the dramatic highlights of a sport. It can't put on screen the moral qualities it takes to become a boxer, such as self-denial and determination. We never see the endless hours of road-work ... to get ready for a few brief rounds in the ring.

Boxing is more than just a way for some youngsters to escape poverty and life on the streets. It introduces them to the moral qualities of courage, patience, and obeying rules. It gives them practice in accepting authority, in overcoming fear and self-indulgence. The odds are overwhelming that most will never even become professional athletes, much less go on to win championships. But boxing will help prepare all of them to fight the ordinary battles of life that everyone faces day after day. ...

Roy C. DeLamotte,Augusta

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